SchubART has a long and proud paint history going way back to the 1950’s , when a husband and wife team of paint chemists emigrated from Germany to South Africa. Three years later a new paint company surfaced on the South African market. After many successful years of producing an extensive range of paints under the name of Shura Paints, SchubART was created in 1998 to satisfy the demanding and growing needs of the local artist community.

Acrylic paints have been available since the 1950’s and have gained tremendous popularity due to the ease of use, affordability and fast drying times. They are recommended for the professional artist as well as for the hobbyist and for schools.

Our Goal

To manufacture the finest quality art materials, ranging from Canvas Primer, Modelling Paste, Acrylic Glazecoats, Student Acrylics and Professional Quality Artist’s Acrylics. We strive to offer the ultimate customer satisfaction through understanding the Artist’s needs and offering exceptional service and superb value.


SchubART is driven by a passion to create the best possible Acrylics, whether it being Student or Professional Artist’s range.